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Account Trading Notice!

Dear Lord,

Please be noted the following rules trading ROT account or items and resources in the game is strictly prohibited. If you notice such a behavior on any players, please report it to us. We do not protect the rights of purchased accounts. So for your own benefit, please do not participate in any unauthorized trading activity.

 ROT Team


How do I link my account?

To protect your game process from loss, please immediately bind your account to a Facebook account. IOS users can choose to bind a Game Center account and Android users can also choose to bind a Google platform account. Click on the game your avatar → settings → account → binding account, select a platform to bind your game account. Please note: A platform account can only bind a game account. Therefore, before binding, please make sure that your platform account has already bound the other account of the game.


I forgot my account ID or password. How do I recover it?

In this case, please contact our customer service ASAP and provide detailed info including username, registration date, registration country and past orders. We will do our best to recover your account.


Why cant I recover a linked account?

Due to the system error or violations, you might find it difficult to recover a linked account. If this happens, please contact our staff.


How do I switch account?

Tap Avatar → Setting → Account → Switch Account. If your game record is not linked to any account, please link it and try again.




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