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What kind of game is Riot of Tribes?


In Riot of Tribes, you are the lord of a tribe that continues to develop under your rule. One day, you will become a chief admired by all!

How to develop your tribes: Upgrade buildings, train soldiers, do research, collect resources on the world map, join alliances and destroy creatures on the world map.

Discuss the game with your friends to make it easier and more fun.


Safe resource 


What is [safe resource]?

A [safe resource] is a resource stored in the warehouse.

What is special about [safe resource]?

[Safe resource] can’t be plundered by others.


Alliance Help 


You can always ask for help from the alliance to reduce time when upgrading buildings, researching techs and recovering the wounded.

Alliance members can help each other using the quick button in Embassy.

The higher the requester’s embassy level is, the more effective the assistance will be.


Smithy (details on materials, how to get them and how to forge)


1.[Smithy Intro]

Smithy unlocks at castle Lv.5. It can forge equipment and integrate materials.

2.[Forge Equipment]

Forging equipment costs materials, equipment and steel.

Equipment Material: Each material can increase 1 type of stats.

Raw stone: Increases recovery rate of wounded soldiers.

Amethyst: Expands capacity of the first-aid tent.

Agate: Increases marching speed. 

Fishbone: Increases Vehicular Soldier ATK.

Feather: Increases archer attack.

Medical Material: Increases cavalry attack.

Fir: Increases infantry attack.

Animal Horn: Increases trap attack.

Animal Skin: Increases troop attack.

Elephant’s Tusk: Increases ranch production.

Opal: Accelerates research.

Fish Scale: Increases construction SPD

How to get equipment materials:

  1. Resource Site may grant some.
  2. Produce them in the workshop.
  3. Get them from material chests.

Sub Equipment: To forge high-level equipment, you need to forge low-level equipment first. (Except lv.1 equipment)

Steel: The necessary resource for forging equipment.

How to get Steel:

  1. Dragon cave
  2. Daily activity rewards.
  3. Steel chest.

3.[ Equipment Quality]

6 qualities: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange and Gold.

Quality from high to low:

Gold ˃ Orange ˃ Purple ˃ Blue ˃ Green ˃ White

High quality ensures high stats.

4.[How to forge equipment]

The quality of the final production is determined by the quality of the sub equipment and materials. High-quality sub-equipment and materials make high-equality equipment. (Tips: Unless the chance is 100%, you might not get the quality you want.

5.[Forge Rules]

There are 6 qualities: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange and Gold.

Quality from high to low is:

Gold→ Orange→ Purple→ Blue→ Green→ White

4 materials of the same quality can be forged into one of the higher quality.

6.Disintegrate Equipment

Equipment can be disintegrated for various types of same-quality material.

Example: Since lv.1 gold equipment can be forged with 2 gold materials, it can also be disintegrated for 2 random gold materials.


How do I collect?


Find resource sites on the world map, occupy them and your troop will collect resources and carry them back after a while. The higher the troops’ load is, the more resources they will bring.


How do I attack and kill creatures?


There are fierce creatures of different levels and types on the world map.

Killing each monster for the first time grants high rewards, including resources and rare items. This is a main source for receiving XP.

For each defeated low-level monster, those of a higher level will be unlocked. (For example, Lv.5 monsters unlock when Lv.4 ones are defeated)

Soldiers might get injured in battle. Wounded units will be sent to the hospital (Those wounded that the hospital cannot accommodate will die immediately)


Can I occupy other players castles?


Each account corresponds to a castle. All castles you can see belong to certain players. You can attack but can’t occupy them.


How do I protect myself?


  • You can use War Protection to prevent others from attacking your castle. (Troops outside the castle won’t be protected)
  • If the collecting troop is attacked, you can have them retreat to the castle.
  • If your castle is attacked, dispatch your troops so they can avoid 1 battle.
  • You can also dispatch troops for dungeons so they can be kept in the war time.
  • Random Teleportation and Advanced Teleportation can save you from warzones.
  • Join an alliance and stay close to your allies to protect yourself.
  • Build hospitals and avoid fighting with powerful enemies.




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