FAQ 3 -- Recharge

Can I trade packs, items and resources with other players?

In Riot of Tribes, players around the world share the same server. The price of our pack is the same everywhere, but some players still attempt to sell resources, packs and items in the game. This is prohibited since it threatens account security and balance of the game. Please remember not to buy any packs, items or resources from other players and don’t participate in this kind of trade. Anyone found violating the rules will be punished or even banned.


I purchased some golds but theyre not in my account yet. What should I do?

Generally golds will be added to your account shortly. However, due to server delay or error sometimes, it might take a while. Please be patient and don’t buy golds repeatedly since the system may be handling your first purchase.

In the meantime, you can restart the game to check whether you’ve received the golds. If you still don’t receive them in 24 hours, contact customer service and they will handle your issue ASAP.


Why cant I buy golds?

The server may be busy at time, during which the purchase icon will be grayed out.

You can fix this by following these steps:

--- Check whether you have logged in with a valid account.

--- Wait and try again since the server might be too busy to handle your order.

--- Update your game to the latest version.

--- Check whether payment functions are functioning normally within your account.

--- Check whether you’ve set a payment cap. If you are using a credit card, please make sure it can be used for in-app purchase or online payments.


I accidentally used some golds. Can I request a refund?

We’ve taken every possible measure to prevent any accidental usage of golds. For example, we added the prompt:” I used golds accidentally. Can I get a refund? ” Whenever you need to use golds, a pop-up will appear, asking you to confirm again. ROT is a multi-player online game, so we can’t simply roll back our records as this will affect other players. A refund would mean free rewards, which is unfair to other players.


Payment Exception Hint Description

If you encounter abnormal tips in the payment process, you can first see if the corresponding platform account is abnormal. If it is, we suggest you contact the corresponding customer service of platform first. If not, please contact our customer service.




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    i sugest paysafecard payment option


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    ADMIN GoD can u help me... idk if this is the right place to post my complaint regarding my  recharged yesterday. i top up  my card i bought at the load central but the card didnt worked out it says card is invalid/already used it but how?  just bought it  that day and nobody knows only me i directly top-in it but why isnt working? that is a big money for me :( im saving my allws just to feed my games entusiastic regarding  the Ice Breaker event which i need a certain stuff but was dissapointed.

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    what should i do im already  confused and trouble how to solve my problem.i need your help/assisstance how to fix my problem. tyvm waiting for your answer :(


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