Q & A (The second series)

Guild: A place where you can find friends and allies while you are under attack.


Guild administration: A place for Guild officials to manage guild affairs


Guild auction: A place for guild members to trade


Guild trade war: Guilds compete for power of taxation from trade war. Guild ranking first that earns the most profit from each commodity can get its taxes for that day at 0:00. (Levied taxes would be credited to the guild fund)


Guild trade war taxes: You can check taxes records here.


Guild wanted: Guild officials issue various wanted bosses. If wanted boss is killed within the limited time, all guild members who joined battles can receive rewards.


Fleet: View and change ships and equipments of current fleet


Away: Berth anywhere offshore and be offline can let you gain exp. If you are away, you can only gain ship’s EXP.


Mail box: Send and receive mail here. (Event rewards are usually issued via in-game email)


Consignment: A place for players to buy and sell items


Shop: All kinds of equipment and exp cards are on sell here.


Rank: Check the ranking information of battle/level/silver/ship/captain.


Storage: View all kinds of items.



  *All: View chat information from all channels.

  *Realm: Chat channel for players from same realm.

  *Guild: Chat channel for guild members.

  *Horn: Publish information visible to all players.

  *PM: Private chat channel for two players

  *System: Release system information

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