Q & A (The third series)

Enhance: Enhance your equipment. The higher your equipment level is, the more stats your equipment get.


Decompose: Decompose your equipment and talent books here. The higher quality your items are, the more essentials and parts you can get.


Equipment promotion: Choose the target equipment and click“upgrade”to promote equipment  by using certain quantities parts and silver.


Skill up: Choose the target talent book and click“upgrade”to promote talent book tier by using certain quantities of silvers.


Build ships: A place to build your own ships; “Ships Upgrade Tree”provides battleships and merchant ships for players to choose as required or both.


Instance: You can obtain various kinds of equipment/talent books/ship materials here. Spoils acquired from Instance will not be stored until you enter the city where your own realm is. (VIP players have free attempts to challenge AD instances every day; the high VIP level you are, the more attempts you have.)


Fishing: Fish to get high quality chests which contain favorable rewards when your ships stay off shore.


Trade war : At 00:00 every day, players who win realm will be rewarded a“Trade War Pack” containing gifts and materials.


Profit Today: Corresponding chests are claimable when you achieve different goals. The higher goals you achieve, the better chests you will get.


Camp Qualifying Match: It is a stage to choose qualified players. Rewards are issued according to your ranking. The top 100 winners in the match will represent their own realm to join the “open sea camp war”.


Open sea camp war: You are required to rank top 100 in the camp qualifying match to join open sea camp war, which is held at 16:00 on every Sunday


Activities:It contains four limited events including“boss war in the open sea”, “get winner of trade”, “hot goods”and “wild war in the open sea”; Massive rewards are waiting for you.



  *Compose: The place to compose cargo cards; choose different number/quality cards to compose new ones randomly;

  *View recipe: You can study the recipe of mysterious cargoes here; players who successfully compose mysterious recipe can get its trade right for free.

  *Get card: Players can receive corresponding cargo cards by trading goods with green quality or above and getting enough profits.

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