Q & A (The first series)

VIP: Recharge certain gold to become VIP to get corresponding bonuses. The higher VIP you are, the more benefits you can get.


Super gift pack for first recharge: Recharge any amount to claim first recharge gift bag which contains numerous items and equipment worth 5988 gold.


Map: Open game map and click the target city on the map to move automatically. Press the “wing shoes”button , you can arrive at destination instantly .


Open sea: The only way to connect Western Europe and Northern Europe. Open sea is the place where you can hunt boss or join PVP battle.


Trade: Cargoes bought from Western Europe must be sought in Northern Europe to make profits, vice versa.

  Buying guild: View cargo purchase price in every city.

  Selling guild: View cargo selling profits in every city. Press the city name to move automatically.


Currency: There are three kinds of currency: silver, gift and gold.

  *Silver: indispensable currency in the game, obtainable by trade, used to unlock goods and build ships;

  *Gift: Used as bound gold that cannot be traded;

  *Gold: Also called RMB, obtainable by in-game recharge ;( recharge not only to get gold, but also to level up VIP)


Employment: Captain, who is obtainable through recruitment, is influential to your CP. The colors which stand for the quality of captain are orange, purple, blue, green, white in descending order. “Renew”to get high quality captain before you employ. (VIP can gain more free renew attempts)


Captain: Captain’s information can be checked here.


Quality: The color of best quality captain is orange, then purple, blue, green, white in descending order.


Star Enhance: After star upgrading, the captain will become level 1.


Restart: Used to degrade your captain to obtain target stats if your upgrade is unfavorable. It is convenient for you to create strong captains with extremely high ATK stats.


Upgrade: Use“Upgrade”directly if you don’t have enough time to grind to your level.

  *Directional upgrade: Use“Directional Upgrade”instead of “Restart”, and boost corresponding stats. It is never a dream to have full ATK or DEF stats.


Skill: Captain can learn skill here. Basic skill can help you dominate the battle field. Passive skills boost stats permanently. Talent books can be obtained from various skill instances and by fishing valuable chests.

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    dont have a option for europe users whitt paysafecard

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