Q & A (The fourth series)

Supply card: Supplies are needed during Caribbean Sea battles. Use Caribbean supply card to replenish energy. VIP players can obtain certain supplies every day.


Daily report of Caribbean: During the opening of the Caribbean, you can view “Real-time Demand”of Caribbean cities, player ’s income ,“Castellan Battle Reports”and “Individual Battle Reports”.


Sign in: You can sign in daily on the interface of notice and obtain VIP experience and ship materials.


Lucky draw: There will be numerous pirates attacking Caribbean cities at 1:00 pm Tuesday and 8:00 pm Wednesday. You will get a draw card when the total levels of beaten ships reaches 500. When the sum reaches 2500, you will own an opportunity to draw a golden card. The castellan will get lucky draw when the city is successfully defended.


Hall: All golden-quality captains and their biographies will be displayed here. You can check the total number of captains and worship them.


Fishing: Caribbean Sea fishing consumes sliver when using free attempts. After free attempts become zero, you need to fish by gold. Free attempts are shared by Caribbean Sea and Mediterranean Sea. Only when the fishing box becomes green can you successfully fish.


Mercenary: There are two kinds of mercenaries to be hired in the Caribbean Sea: player mercenaries and NPC mercenaries. In the Caribbean sea battle, you can increase your total CP by hiring mercenaries.


Castellan: The first player who defeats the Caribbean pirate boss will become castellan automatically in a new city. While in old city, you have to beat the previous castellan to win the new title.


Champions: The Caribbean qualifying match will generate top 32 players at 0:00 a.m. on every Saturday. They will join champion battles at 9:30 p.m. on every Sunday. The champion and the secondary will receive abundant rewards.


Title: In the Caribbean Sea, you can obtain different titles by completing title tasks and be authorized corresponding privileges.


Promote: You can promote the title of your main captain in this interface. Only the captain of orange quality can promote his/her title.


Emblem: The captain can be equipped with different unlocked crest and acquire different special effects.


Black Market: The unselected cards during lucky draw and the ones that were not claimed after Caribbean Sea and will be on sell in black market. “There are only orange or gold cards in Black market”.


Caribbean Orange Cargoes: Occupy a city to unlock orange cargoes. Then you can refresh orange cargoes if the players of your server rank top 10 in the orange cargo trade.


Legendary Captain CardReal Legendary Captain Card:

  *Legendary captain cards: Upgrade corresponding orange captains to get legendary captains.

  *Real legendary captain cards: Upgrade corresponding legendary captains to get real legendary captains.

Record on the statue: The player who continuously occupied Caribbean city for 30 days will be recorded on the statue outside the city permanently.

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