Some questions you might meet in this game

1.What is [protected resource]?

A [protected resource] is a resource stored in the warehouse.

2.What is special about protected resource?

[protected resource] can’t be plundered by others.

3.What is Time-limited Event?

In an event, you can join various activities for credit. When credit reaches the required number, the system will mail rewards to you.

4.What kind of game is CoD?

Call of Darkness is an MMO, Real-Time war strategy game. You will play the role of a lord in the darkness world, build your own realm, train troops, ally with other players, engage yourself in epic multiplayer warfare, occupy rival cities, defeat anyone who stands in your way and free the world from the enslavement of divinity.

You are the leader of the rebellions. Be prepared to embrace the rise of Darkness, my lord!

5.How do I collect?

Find resource sites on the world map, occupy them and your troop will collect resources and carry them back after a while. The higher the troops’ load is, the more resources they will bring.

6.How do I attack and kill creatures?

There are fierce creatures of different levels and types on the world map.

Killing each monster for the first time grants high rewards, including resources and rare items. This is a main source for receiving XP.

For each defeated low-level monster, those of a higher level will be unlocked. (For example, Lv.5 monsters unlock when Lv.4 ones are defeated)

Soldiers might get injured in battle. Wounded units will be sent to the hospital (Those wounded that the hospital cannot accommodate will die immediately).

7.Can I occupy other players’ castles?

Each account corresponds to a castle. All castles you can see belong to certain players. You can attack but can’t occupy them.

8.How do I protect myself?

  • You can use War Protection to prevent others from attacking your castle. (Troops outside the castle won’t be protected)
  • If the collecting troop is attacked, you can have them retreat to the castle.
  • If your castle is attacked, dispatch your troops so they can avoid 1 battle.
  • Join an alliance and stay close to your allies to protect yourself.
  • Build hospitals and avoid fighting with powerful enemies.
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