Some tips for you

1.[How to speed up upgrading buildings]

You can always ask for help from the alliance to reduce time when upgrading buildings, researching techs and recovering the wounded.

Alliance members can help each other using the quick button in Embassy.

The higher the requester’s embassy level is, the more effective the assistance will be.


2.[How to forge equipment]

Equipment quality determines the amount of extra attributes a piece of equipment can add for the lord. The colors of equipment names directly indicate the equipment quality tiers. There are overall 6 quality tiers for the equipment in this game.


 3. [Forge Rules]

There are 6 qualities: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Red and Gold

Quality from high to low is:

Gold→ Red→ Purple→ Blue→ Green→ White

materials of the same quality can be forged into one of the higher quality.

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